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Café Yucca, Zurich

Café Yucca, which had been for decades a low-threshold meeting point with integrated counselling center for people in difficult life situations in Zurich, had to be renovated for various reasons.

The Yucca guests are welcome with dignity and respect. Therefore, this basic attitude should also be expressed in the interior deign.

To give this people a beautifully designed environment, a place where they can easily fit and feel comfortable, without being alienatory or discriminatory: this was our big challenge.

An accurate and detailed interior design is the expression of our appreciation and respect towards the guests of Café Yucca. Caravan residences and allotment gardens, there is where we identify images of cozy, relaxing meeting places: verandas with colourful light strings and garden furniture, surrounded by the green nature. This seems to us the right living room design for the guests…


Medienmitteilung Café Yucca

Bilder Medienmitteilung Café Yucca




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