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Interview with Karsten Schmidt-Hoensdorf

Mr. Schmidt, briefly explain what makes you different from other interior designers?

„I stand for Swiss design, perfection and functionality.“


What do you mean by “Swiss design”?

„Contemporary Swiss design is exemplified by modern, clean, reliable and practical solutions or industrial products. The quality of Swiss design is recognised and respected worldwide and has become a guarantee of genuine quality.“


When someone hears you say “modern, clean and practical” don’t they automatically think of your work as cold?

„If you take a look at my website, you will see that all the projects I have worked on have a warm and welcoming living atmosphere. In fact you could say that my team and I have specialized in finding the fine balance between modern aesthetics and warm living spaces. Besides, just because a room isn’t cluttered with useless decorations it doesn’t mean that the room is cold. “


What would you say is the most frequent mistake a hotel brand can make in regard to interior design?

„Probably that not enough attention is paid to the interior design and to the designer picked for the project. Think about it: A hotel spends a lot of money on how it presents itself to its guests. Advertisements, interesting events, gourmet food, comfortable check in systems – you name it. The competition is fierce, and getting fiercer every day. If your hotel is not aesthetically stimulating as well as highly functional, it will not be one of a kind, but one of many.“


Karsten Schmidt-Hoensdorf, Creative Director & Founder  of the Design office IDA14 in Zurich                         


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